Monday, November 7, 2016


It is that time of year again when everyone's calendar is filling up and the end of the year is sneaking up on us!   We want to remind you to take advantage of those 2016 Dental Insurance Benefits and Flex dollars.  While some insurance plan run on a fiscal year, most run on a calendar year... if your plan is a calendar year, here are some important reasons to call and schedule an appointment today.

Yearly Maximum- This is the amount your insurance company will pay for your dental work within one full year.  This amount varies by insurance companies averaging between $1,000- $2,000 per year, per person in your family.  This maximum usually renews every year, but if you have unused benefits they do not roll over to be used the next benefit period...use it or lose it!  You pay the premium for the benefit and therefor should be using it.  Most dental insurance companies pay 100% of the cost for your preventative dental checkups that also include all diagnostic x-rays, examination and routine cleaning.  Insurance companies have figured out that it saves them money for their insured to visit their dentist biannually because they catch problems when they are small rather than waiting for problems such as toothaches, broken teeth, oral cancers and gum disease.  

Call us today at 801-785-8835 to find out how to maximize your dental benefits by year end.