Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back-To-School: Start the school year with a healthy, beautiful smile!

Start the school year with a healthy, beautiful smile... just in time for school pictures. The final days of summer are perfect times for back-to-school dental check-ups.  As the school bell is set to ring, (and with one in four children having undiagnosed tooth decay) now is the time to give students a solid foundation for future dental health. Proper oral hygiene is a great way to start the school year off on the right foot and can spell greater success in the classroom.

Despite recent improvements in dental care in the United States, tooth decay is still one of the most common childhood diseases, according to the American Dental Association. It is five times more common than asthma in 5-17 year-olds, according to the association, and affects more than one fifth of American children aged 2-4, half of those aged 6-8 and nearly 60 percent of those aged 15, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Tips to help your child brush-up on dental hygiene:

A Good Cleaning. Your child may think he or she is old enough to brush their own teeth, but until they reach the age of six, make sure to take command and help them brush at least twice a day, using a pea-sized amount of ADA-approved toothpaste. Make sure older children brush at least twice a day, too.

Don't Forget in Between. A toothbrush can't get into every nook and cranny so it's important for parents to floss their child's teeth.

Eat Well. Make sure your child eats a balanced diet, stays hydrated, and seeks healthy options for between-meal snacks. Do not put your child to bed with a bottle. We encourage use of a cup as their first birthday approaches.

Visit your Dentist. Book routine visits for professional cleanings and check-ups as recommended by the American Association of Pediatric Dentists and Dr. Eddie Faddis.

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  1. Great tips for child brush-up on dental hygiene. These tips might help the children as well as parent to caring of their teeth. thanks for sharing. Family Dentist